5 Common Sports Physio Injuries and How To Avoid Them

With a few big events coming up in Melbourne over the next couple of months Melbourne Marathon and Run Melbourne, I thought I’d take a moment to write about […]

Returning to running after pregnancy

Viva Physio would like to welcome our guest blogger, Cara Waters, journalist, runner and mother of 8 month-old Clemmentine. Cara shares with us some of her insights into returning to running after pregnancy. Cara is an editor at, […]

The Verdict on Barefoot Running

As we get so many questions on this topic in the clinic, I thought I’d write this month’s blog on Barefoot Running from a physiotherapist’s point of view.

Some of you keen runners out there may have already heard […]

10 Benefits of Doing Pilates While You’re Pregnant

Pregnancy Pilates

With an ever-increasing number of pregnant ladies coming into the clinic for both treatment and Pilates classes, I’ve compiled 10 awesome reasons to do Pilates during your pre-natal period. As well as helping you during your pregnancy, Pilates […]

How to get yourself in shape for pre-season AFL footy

Stretching Exercises for the Budding Football Superstar

With the footy season on our doorstep, here are 7 easy pre-training mobility exercises to help with injury prevention & improving performance.

This routine should only take 10-15mins, and can be done before every […]

New Year, New Ergonomics

Avoid the Desk Injuries Coming Back to Work

We hope the New Year has proven restful and refreshing. As most of you will be returning now from your summer holidays and getting back into “proper” work, we wanted to take […]

Seasonal Swimming – A Physiotherapist’s perspective

Preventing Swimming Injuries

Although our Melbourne weather is at times telling us a bit of a different story, it’s quickly becoming that time of year again. With summer upon us, it’s time for people to start shedding some layers, pulling […]

How Pilates can Optimise Sporting Performance

Building flexibility, co-ordination, core strength and body awareness


What Is Pilates?

Pilates is a method of physical training that was developed over the late 1800’s and early 1900’s by German born Joseph Pilates. In his youth, Joseph […]

Patellar Tendinosis

Patellar Tendinopathy strengthening techniques

Figures show that up to 40% of jumping athletes, and 14% of recreational athletes have experienced patellar tendinopathy at some point in their sporting career. The site of tenderness is usually just below the patella (kneecap): […]

Shoulder Rehabilitation

How to prevent shoulder pain and injury

As the weather warms up and we pull the bathers out from the bottom drawer or dust off the tennis racquet, I thought it would be a good time to discuss shoulder pain […]