Physio at Viva

Caitlin Reid / Physiotherapist & Pilates Instructor

How long have you been working at Viva?
4 months and a bit!

Why did you become a physio?
Because I spent a lot of time at the physio as a dancer and I thought it was a great job where you get to move around during your day and meet lots of interesting people.

What’s the best thing about my job?
Meeting people, getting to know people and helping people achieve their goals.

What are you eating for lunch at the moment?
I’m eating the same thing every day – pumpkin and sweet potato soup with brown rice.

What’s your favourite tip for buying lunch around Flinders Lane?
Sushi hub on Elizabeth Street is my no. 1 favourite!

What would be your tips for avoiding injury?
Pilates! Core Strength is King!