Jessica Anwyl

Jessica Anwyl / Senior Physiotherapist

Why did you become a physio?
My fascination for the human body lead to my first interest in physiotherapy. Understanding how the body works was part of what lead to my decision. In addition, I have always been a keen sports person and from what I understood physiotherapy was a career that allowed me to work in an area I was very passionate about.

What’s the best thing about my job?
The best thing about being a physio is being able to find a connection with someone and help them to achieve their goals. To see someone through a process and become a better version of themselves is the most rewarding part.

What are you eating for lunch at the moment?
I always like to eat a variety of food for lunch. I’m a good eater and will always have a sustainable lunch to keep my mind switched on for the afternoon. Usually it would be left over from last night’s dinner. Today I have pumpkin pasta with halloumi, spinach and mushrooms.

What would be your tips for avoiding injury?
Remain active every day. Listen to your body and take action when your body is telling you it needs it. Keep variety in your day to stay motivated and in touch with your health.