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Patellofemoral Joint Pain – What you need to know

The first thing you should know is it isn’t just for runners.

It is a generic term used for people that have knee pain, more commonly seen in runners. Typically it is diagnosed as patellofemoral joint pain (PFJP).

The patellofemoral joint […]

Ski Injury Prevention for desk workers – Part 2

This post is a Part 2 of 2 – Following on from Ski Injury for desk workers – Part 1 | Photo by asoggetti 

Our top 5 Snow Injuries

Following Caitlin’s last blog on injury prevention in the […]

Ski Injury Prevention for desk workers – Part 1

Our Physio Caitlin Reid and friends hiking the Toilet Bowl face up The Remarkables, NZ in 2016

How your gear can prevent ski injuries

Snow is falling across the country so this month we’re focused on the ski season. […]

Learn More About the Calf Muscle and How to Prevent Injury

Calf injuries are one of the most prevalent muscle injuries in athletes involved in running-based sports, secondary only to hamstring injuries. 

We see calf injuries as a result of sports involving a lot of high-speed running like AFL, soccer and […]

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    What is the Gluteus Medius and Why is it so Important for my Running?

What is the Gluteus Medius and Why is it so Important for my Running?

Injuries are common amongst runners, particularly as athletes increase speeds, distances or vary training programs.

The Gluteus Medius is one of the most important, yet often forgotten muscles in preventing and rehabilitating running injuries both […]

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    Hand and Wrist Injury: The typical injuries and how to treat them

Hand and Wrist Injury: The typical injuries and how to treat them

Sophie Halsall-McLennan has kindly written this month’s guest blog. She has a special interest and clinical expertise in hand injuries.

The hand and wrist are certainly one of many complex structures in our body. Given the importance of our hands […]

How to Prevent and Recover from Acute Hamstring Injuries

Hamstring injuries are common with sports, particularly with sprinting (from 80% to 100% sprint effort), changing direction and movements that involve stretching the muscle such as kicking and tackling. With sprinting, often overload in training which can […]

The Five Best Things You Can Do For Your Health

The Five Best Things you can do for your Health, from the perspective of a Physiotherapist.


What You Really Ought to Know About Tennis Elbow

Tennis Elbow or Lateral Epicondylitis

With the Australian Open now over, I thought I’d take a moment to write about the injury “Tennis Elbow” or Lateral Epicondylitis as it is known in medical circles.

As is the case with many medical […]

The Tennis Injuries To Watch Out For This Summer

Four Common Tennis Injuries

With the Australian Open just over a month away, it is often an inspiring time for us to discover our inner Raffa or Federer.

As you dust off the tennis racquet from last summer we […]