Hi, I’m Mary. I would have met most of you at one point or another as you come into the Reception at the Viva Physio Clinic or attend our Studio for Pilates, as I am part of the Administration Team.

As you may know I have a bright and bubbly personality, and I am always happy to go the extra mile for you where ever I can.

Beneath my exuberant personality I am fighting a silent incurable disease called Crohn’s.

In September 2016, after months of agony partnered with extreme weight loss and testing, I was diagnosed with the disease.

I was relieved that I finally had a diagnosis, although was worried about the lack of knowledge of the disease in the general public, and lack of funding in medical fields for this chronic inflammatory bowel disease.

Crohns is a disease which predominately starts in young people, in their teens or twenties. Treatment can help with the symptoms, but this terrible and sometimes debilitating disease cannot be cured.

My wish for the future is to enter remission, and for more funding to be provided for research into curing this disease that effects so many young Australians, like myself, so we can live our lives pain free and to our full potential.

You can help me and others living with Crohn’s Disease by donating through Crohn’s and Colitis Australia anytime, or by attending our Class 4 a Cause at Viva Physio during July to September 2018. Donations can also be made at the front desk in the clinic during this time.

Many thanks in advance for your support.