Our mat classes are probably the quickest and easiest pathway you can take into the Pilates world.  All you need to do is book a 45-minute pre-class assessment with one of our physios and you can then jump straight in!

The class runs for a maximum of 8 people by a physiotherapist and focuses on posture, ab strengthening and stretching. We sometimes choose to use small equipment such as weights, Swiss balls, magic circles and theraband. Compared to our equipment and Clinical Pilates classes where each individual attendee is completing their own program, our mat class runs a bit more like a traditional gym class which often assists in motivating you to get that one extra sit up done!

“I enjoy the Pilates mat classes at Viva Physiotherapy as they give me the best opportunity for overall strength in my abs, gluts and core. I was doing Pilates classes at the gym but I was always worried that my vulnerable lower back was under too much strain.  It’s great being watched by a physio so closely to make it 100% safe.” – Jenny, Mat Class Attendee at Viva.

The other great thing about our mat classes is that they’re the cheapest option of all our Pilates services.  Also, you can claim this through your private health via our HICAPS terminal which means that some people pay as little as $5 per class!


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If you have previously joined in a Viva Pilates Class then please view our Class Timetable where you will be able to book your preferred class.