The Melbourne One Day Wellness Retreat is on June 17th, and I’m hosting it at Viva! Since I get to use this beautiful space, I had to share the details of this exciting event.

Why you need a one day wellness retreat

Because you need time for you.

This one day CBD retreat is a day for you to unplug, recharge, and forget your to-do list. It gives you a few hours with no commitments or stress, allowing you to enjoy space and relaxation. You’ll eat nourishing and incredibly tasty food by Laneway Greens, enjoy gentle movement classes and set goals for the second half of 2017 and you’ll learn how to keep your body healthy this winter – after all, you’ve only got one right?

A broken back sparks my interest in evidence-based holistic medicine

Aprivé Wellness was started by me! Caitlin Reid, a physiotherapist with years of experience working around the world teaching Pilates and practising physio until on boxing day in 2013 when I broke my back in an accident.

Throughout my recovery, I worked with the classic medical team to recover, but I felt something was missing so I looked at holistic medicine.  

Breathing, Nutrition & Healthy Movement don’t have to be complicated

As soon as I discovered how my eating habits could help me feel brighter, and give me more energy, I started eating amazing foods that aren’t officially labelled ‘super foods’ but are definitely super!

As soon as I discovered how breathing and five minutes of meditation could decrease my frustration with my injury, I started doing it everyday.

I already knew the power of healthy movement, so I started Pilates when I was still in my back brace.

Through my own experience I’ve learned the power of holistic medicine; and after researching I’ve found there’s endless evidence supporting what I knew to be true.

Melbourne Wellness Retreat the first after India, Bali, Thailand and New Zealand

Two years ago I started blending evidence-based holistic wellness with a bit of luxury and fun to give women a chance to feel what I felt; energised and brighter thanks to little tweaks to their daily life. Now you can reap the benefits of what I learned without going through the recovery! I’m no hardcore health nut though, I just know how to separate trends from what really works. 


Not convinced?

Check out these evidence-based benefits of a wellness retreat:

  • Improved concentration
  • Better decision making
  • Greater self-esteem and empowerment
  • Improved attitudes towards exercise and healthy lifestyles
  • Enhanced motivation for lasting lifestyle change
  • Lower stress levels

To learn more check out the retreat page HERE.

To save $40 when you and your friend book together, find our BRINGMYBESTIE offer HERE!

I really look forward to meeting you at this day of bliss on June 17th at Viva. If you have any questions at all, please contact me at