Read about our clients and how they found Pilates useful for them

After Spinal Surgery

Our first gentleman started doing Pilates at Viva following spinal surgery. Previous to his lower back injury he was a very keen cyclist. Once his post-surgery rehab was addressed, he attended classes in our Clinical Pilates stream to help ‘get him back on the bike’. With almost no gluteal strength at all when he began classes and poor understanding of how to use them, it took about 6-8 months of solid work from this client and us physios using every possible trick in the book, but finally we began to see significant improvements in his hip stability and overall strength. He recently completed the 3 Peaks cycling event successfully.

For Strength and Conditioning for Rugby

This gentleman previously had back pain and an adductor strain that was exacerbated with rugby training and running. He started doing S+C Pilates at Viva to improve his glutes, core strength and spine mobility. He has improved his running and no longer experiences niggles in his back and legs. He is looking forward to building his strength and improving his performance with rugby. He reports that Pilates was a surprise to me on many fronts as ‘I wasn’t expecting to enjoy it as much as I did! ”My physio is fantastic, as she was prepared and had new ideas each session which kept it interesting and contributed to my motivation to get better and learn more about how beneficial Pilates can be.’

As a Triathlete

This lady is a triathlete who came to us at Viva with multiple issues that were affecting her running and cycling training and race performance. She had a history of patella dislocation and subluxation, ongoing knee and glut pain with running and back pain while running or cycling. She also had poor ankle stability while trail running and suffered from headaches and neck stiffness when at her work desk. Since starting Clinical Pilates 6 months ago she has reduced her knee, hip and back pain, has not suffered any further dislocations and has increased her running speed and technique. She has successfully completed a half marathon and is on the way to completing her first half ironman in the coming months. The classes are a platform for her to strengthen her core, address her muscle weaknesses and to help improve technique and performance.

For Headaches

This lady was coming to Viva for hands-on physiotherapy treatment for quite a long time for ongoing headaches and neck pain but was sporadic in doing her own home maintenance exercises. She finally decided enough was enough and asked if there was any way of keeping her accountable to her home exercises and so she joined our Clinical Pilates stream. At first she just used the classes to do her home exercises but as her headaches settled, she started on overall core and body strengthening in the S&C Stream. Her headaches are now completely resolved and she feels stronger and more motivated to exercises generally.

For Chronic Pain and Stress

This lady initially came to us at Viva with widespread pain across multiple areas of her body, as well as being unable to sit for any longer than 20 minutes. Together we were able to identify the cause of her pain as being a combination of musculoskeletal dysfunction, as well as stress. She undertook a series of individual sessions with her physiotherapist, then graduated to a class-format in the Clinical Pilates Stream. She has been attending regularly for about 8 months now with considerable reductions in her pain to be almost pain-free. The classes are a platform for her to strengthen her core, address her muscle weaknesses and to help reduce stress.

For Chronic Lower Back Pain

This lady suffered chronic back pain for two years and relied on regular hands-on therapy for temporary relief. Clinical Pilates has allowed her to improve her sitting and standing posture at work with a notable reduction in day-to-day pain. The improvements to her core strength have also given her the confidence to move more freely in daily activities such as bending over, reaching, and lifting and has allowed her to return to previously painful physical activities such as cycling and bushwalking.

For Pregnancy

This lady came to Viva when she started experiencing right sided pelvic pain while walking to work when she was 20 weeks pregnant. She had no history of lower back or pelvic pain before and had no significant medical history. She had considerable glut weakness, sacroiliac joint dysfunction and had become more inactive since becoming pregnant. Through the use of real-time ultrasound and Pregnancy Pilates exercises she was able to increase her glut and pelvic floor strength, correct and maintain her standing posture and was able to successfully rid herself of the pain she was experiencing in her pelvis. This allowed her to continue walking for fitness during her pregnancy and she began regaining her strength and general conditioning with her Pilates program. She is now getting ready to finish work and go on maternity leave and is excited about the arrival of her new baby.

For a Workplace RSI Injury

This lady came to Viva Physio after experiencing pain for two years in her arms and hands from a workplace injury that was caused by repetitive desk-based tasks which lead to her needing to take time off work. After trying a variety of different treatments (including hands-on physiotherapy) we used the Clinical Pilates stream to work on her posture and strength. She found that, through regular exercise and strength work her hand pain improved considerably.