Welcome to Strength and Conditioning Pilates at Viva Physiotherapy. We are excited for you to join us in our studio to experience our high standard of classes first-hand. Of our three streams of Pilates (Clinical, Strength & Conditioning and Pregnancy), our Strength and Conditioning Stream is the quickest way to get you into the studio.

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People practice Pilates for a variety of different reasons. In addition to improving strength and posture, you can also do Pilates to help with an injury or improve your performance in sport. You can find out about lots of different reasons for doing Pilates through our Studio Stories.

Strength and Conditioning Pilates at Viva is designed for those who are relatively fit and healthy, and are looking to practice Pilates under the watchful eyes of our highly trained physiotherapists.

How does it work?

The first step is to book your individual assessment session with one of our Pilates-trained physios.

In this session we will discuss your needs, check your core muscle activation on real-time ultrasound and create a plan for your Pilates practice based on your needs and goals. Following this, you are ready to jump into our classes.

Unlike our Clinical Stream, which is designed for those needing closer supervision, our Strength and Conditioning stream is designed as a fast-track. Which not only means entering the classes more quickly, it also means you are closer to the high level strength work that will push your body to the limits.

Looking for a more individualised approach to your Pilates practice? Try our Clinical Pilates Stream.

After your individual assessment, you will have three different class options available to you:

S&C Equipment Pilates Classes
Our S&C Equipment Classes host up to five people. The S&C style is that the physiotherapist who is running the class will create your program on the spot to suit your needs.

The class itself utilises all the Pilates equipment such as reformers, the Cadillac or Trapeze table, the Wunda chair and our small equipment such as foam rollers, spiky balls, BOSU and weights.

This class allows you to practice equipment Pilates under the watchful eye of a physio in a free and easy way.

Unlike our Clinical Equipment Pilates Classes which are more tailored, the S&C class allows you to virtually jump straight in. Here are some examples of those who may choose this class:

  • You’ve experienced a stiff and uncomfortable neck or back that isn’t necessarily an injury.
  • You’ve practiced Pilates elsewhere and wish to join our physio-supervised classes
  • You wish to improve your general strength or posture
  • You wish to do Pilates to improve your strength and performance in another sport.

Mat Pilates Classes
With a maximum of 8 people, our physio can keep a close eye on you while you exercise using the mat, foam rollers, weight balls, magic circles and theraband. Unlike our other classes which run in a studio circuit style, the mat class is a little more like a gym class where your physiotherapist will instruct the group as a whole, giving you the opportunity to focus and enjoy the MindBody benefits of Pilates to their full extent. In our S&C stream, combining our mat classes with our S&C Equipment classes are a great way to achieve balance, tone and strength.
Pilates for Runners
Our Pilates for Runners Classes host up to five people. It’s a fun and up-beat class of higher intensity which focuses on improving strength and control of the muscles you need to run. It is pitched at anyone from a couch-to-5km runner right up to those at marathon distances.

In addition to that, you don’t have to be a “runner” to join the class. You might play touch football or netball and are looking to reduce injury and improve performance.

Here are a few interesting facts that demonstrate the types of things you’ll work on in the class:

  • Did you know your abdominal muscles are important in maximising the effectiveness in the push-off phase of running?
  • Did you know that a problem with glut/hamstring timing can lead to back pain, hamstring pain or calf tears when running??
  • Weakness in the gluteus medius muscle can lead to ITB problems, knee cap pain and even foot pain.
  • Did you know that we often have imbalances between the our two calf muscles which can lead to foot pain?
  • Did you know that improving the timing and strength of your muscles can help to shave seconds off your time?

The class itself utilises all the Pilates equipment such as reformers, the Cadillac/Trapeze table, the Wunda chair and our small equipment such as foam rollers, spiky balls, BOSU and weights in a circuit style.


Tailoring your Pilates program to your needs

Our qualified and experienced physiotherapists run all of our Pilates classes, meaning your program will always be tailored to your requirements. In addition, if you have Private Health Extras, you can claim a rebate for every session through codes 560 and 561. This can reduce your out-of-pocket costs by up to 75%.

We run a comprehensive timetable with over 30 classes per week.

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