Increase your sport specific strength and prevent injuries on the sporting field

Exercise with weightsWe are very excited to announce the addition of our first sports-specific class to the Viva Studio.

John Contreras, physiotherapist and Strength and Conditioning Specialist is launching Viva Body Strong at 6pm on Tuesday evenings from June. This is a class for those wishing to increase their sports specific strength and prevent injuries on the sporting field.

Viva Body Strong challenges all aspects of your physical conditioning using Pilates and Strength & Conditioning training. Incorporating weights and various forms of resistance, Viva Body Strong is aimed at improving muscle strength and tone, cardiovascular fitness and body conditioning, Designed by our team of Physiotherapists, experts in exercise delivery, Viva Body Strong is perfect for those looking to progress their rehab, improve their fitness and boost their sports performance.

$420 for a pack of ten classes
Claimable through your Private Health Extras

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