A class designed for Runners 

Are you a runner who is tired of hitting the dreaded ‘wall’ a certain distance? Do you feel that your body is limiting your running performance? Or are you a brand new runner who would like to reduce their risk of injury?

We support many runners to improve on ‘niggles’ but also to increase their strength, endurance and running ability.

Through our experience we have created a specialised Runners Strength class designed to help you to improve your running, without running. 

Our Runner’s Strength has been specially designed to target the major muscle groups and the common injury points in runners. This 45 minute class will help you to work on your muscle strength specifically required for running, your ability to load your legs and tips and techniques to improve your cardiovascular efficiency.

By joining this class you will:

  • Improve your times/distance
  • Gain more mileage
  • Address areas of muscle weakness
  • Improve your knowledge on technique
  • Increase your speed
  • Learn how to run effectively
  • Overall improvement in fitness
  • Improve running mindfulness
  • Reduced running related injuries

Classes run each Wednesday at 12.00pm.

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