Viva Physio would like to welcome our guest blogger, Cara Waters, journalist, runner and mother of 8 month-old Clemmentine. Cara shares with us some of her insights into returning to running after pregnancy. Cara is an editor at, blogs at and is a keen runner from fun runs up to marathons. You can find her on Twitter at @carawaters.

I love running and so found it quite frustrating when I got to the stage of my pregnancy that running was no longer comfortable.

Some women run right up to the day they give birth (check out the website Another Mother Runner for inspiration) but I decided to stop at about 28 weeks. So I was very keen to start running again once I had my daughter.

I had a natural birth and felt able for some easy walking after about 1 week. I spoke to Kath at Viva who said to speak to my obstetrician about when it was time to run again and also be guided by how I felt – especially in terms of my pelvic floor.

At my six week post natal check up with my obstetrician, Fiona Cowell, she said all looked good but advised waiting until 10 weeks to start running again just to be on the safe side. Patience is an over-rated virtue but I waited until week 10 to do my first five minute jog. Not much maybe but it felt great to me just to lace up my running shoes and be back out there.

Now my daughter is nine months old and I still enjoy fitting in a run when I can. My advice would be to speak to your physio and your obstetrician or midwife about making the return to running post pregnancy.
Image source: Ed Yourdon