Here we share are a few hot running drills to help with your technique, make your running style more efficient, and hopefully speed up your times!

These 3 drills are more geared towards speed or power running – ideal for AFL, soccer, or your distance runner looking to add an extra kick to burst uphill.

Ideally they should be done pre-training during a 10-minute mobility warm-up session, to help fire up the right muscles and get the appropriate carryover into your session.

In these three YouTube videos we look at the following key concepts:

SWING LEG = Triple Flexion (speed and movement pattern of the Swing leg)
STANCE LEG = Triple Extension (power/drive from gluts & calf of your Stance leg).

Running Drill 1 – High Knees

Key Tips:

  • Start tall, weight on balls of your feet.
  • Drive knee forward (swing leg), aim to keep foot directly under the knee, with toes up.
    Aim for the foot to land directly under the body.
  • Overstriding is inefficient – as it leads to a ‘braking force’ at heel strike.
  • Think ‘be fast’ with the swing leg – leg in the air is wasted time (forward propulsion comes from foot contact with the ground).
  • Stance leg – get up onto ball of your foot/toes.


Running Drill 2 – ‘A-Skip’

Key Tips:

  • Very similar to High Knees drill, but adding in a skip. This makes the drill slightly more complex, but functionally it is closer to running. You need to focus on & implement the components worked on from drill 1 (High Knees).
  • Start to think about being more explosive & driving through your gluts + calf on the Stance leg to propel yourself up off the ground (skip)!


Running Drill 3 – Back lunge into Triple Extension Drill

Key Tips:

  • This drill incorporates both Triple Flexion & Triple Extension, but is more geared towards the extension/drive component.
  • Controlled step-back into a backwards lunge, then explode forward (driving through glut & calf), stepping the Swing Leg up onto a 60cm box.
  • Your stance leg should finish up on the ball of your foot.
  • Stay upright through your trunk.
  • Aim to perform 2 sets of 5-reps, but really focus on the quality of movement & being explosive.