We have made some exciting changes to the way our Viva Pilates studio works in the past couple of months and so I thought I’d take the opportunity to tell you all about it.

Excitingly we now have the opportunity to tailor your Pilates experience more specifically to your needs. We now have three separate streams which are designed to cater to your needs and goals.
Why have we created different streams?

What we have realised is that each and every client has a different reason for doing Pilates classes at Viva.

Some have an injury and require a high level of specificity in their program. Others work nearby and come to our morning, lunchtime or evening classes as a stress relief. Some come without any specific injury or problem but would just like to improve their strength.

Our new model allows you as the participant to choose your own pathway and access exactly which components of our studio will meet your goals the best, rather than just producing a “one-size- fits-all” model.

What are the streams?

Our three streams are:

  1. Clinical Pilates
  2. Strength and Conditioning Pilates
  3. Pregnancy Pilates

The names are fairly self-explanatory, however we have created a really cool, 30 second questionnaire if you’d like to find out which stream suits you best.

The Clinical Pilates Stream is for those who require a high degree of specificity in their Pilates practice, whether it be for an injury or otherwise.

The Strength and Conditioning Stream allows you to be pushed a little harder and our classes are more geared towards S&C.

The Pregnancy Stream is for those who are looking to conceive, currently pregnant or who are post-natal.

Read: I’ve just found out I’m pregnant? Can I keep exercising?

What do I need to do to get involved?

The first step for any Pilates class at Viva is to do a pre-class assessment. Even if you’ve done Pilates before, we believe it’s important to ensure we chat to you to find out how we can best meet you needs and goals in your Pilates practice. In addition there are some important skills you need to learn:

  • How to contract your core muscles….. At Viva we are pretty strict (!) which means we will test you on this by using a special machine called a real-time ultrasound. This is very important to ensure you not only get the most out of our classes, but also to prevent injury. You can read more about some of the dangers of doing things badly by checking out Alex’s case on our Pilates success stories page.
  • How to get your spine into “neutral”…. Once again, we’re super strict and we set our standards high. The reasons for this that by exercising in neutral, you can maximise the effect on not only your core, but also your surrounding muscles such as gluts, calf muscles and shoulder muscles. You can find out more about this concept by reading Michael’s case on our Pilates success stories page.

Following your assessment session, those in the S&C and pregnancy classes are ready to jump straight into classes.

If you’re in our Clinical stream, the next few sessions is where we really hone your skills. You will spend a few more individual sessions with your physiotherapist to perfect your skills and learn basic movement patterning that will protect your current injury or give you the good basic core skills to progress.

If you plan to join our Clinical & Equipment classes (either pregnancy or clinical streams), you will also need a session to create your individualised program. We take photos of you doing each and every exercise and this gives us the template for your future Pilates practice.

Are the classes any different to previously?

We have still kept our ever-popular equipment and mat classes. However, we have renamed our equipment classes to “Clinical Equipment Classes” as they now fall under the “Clinical” stream.

Our Mat and pregnancy classes remain in the same format and name as previously and we have added a few extra classes to meet your needs a little closely such as S&C Equipment Classes and the Pilates for Runners stream for those in the strength and conditioning stream.

Are there any other awesome features of doing Pilates at Viva?

Yes! Here are just a few….

  • We use an online system to manage all our classes and bookings which means you are given your own log-in to book and even pay for your classes online, meaning you can quickly come and go from the class and manage your own sessions.
  • We are one of the only practitioner-based Pilates studios to have the option for a membership! At just $89 twice monthly if you are coming to any more than 1 class per week, it works out very financially beneficial to be a member.
  • We can save you money on your Pilates practice as each and every one of our classes are run by a physiotherapist which means that you can claim under the “physio” section of your private health extras. This means your out-of- pocket class cost can be reduced by up to 100%!

We are really excited and proud of what we have achieved in our Viva Pilates studio. If you would like to know more one of our physios would be happy to call you to answer any questions you may have. Just complete our contact form and we will get in touch. Otherwise if you’re keen to jump in, complete our questionnaire or book an introductory session!

Signing off,