Clinical Pilates Reformer Pilates

These are pieces of equipment that we use as part of our Clinical Studio Movement classes and also for sports rehab and strengthening.  The benefits of the machines are that they can be used to either

  • support one area of your body so that you can work hard on other areas – this is particularly important during injury as it helps to keep your general conditioning.
  • increase the load on one part of your body so that you can fatigue it in greater proportion to others – this is particularly important in sports rehab and biomechanical imbalances as we can isolate a specific muscle group.

Equipment Pilates is not only good for specifically targeting muscle groups, but it’s also loads of fun! If you have a rehab, sports or general goal which requires strengthening your body in a certain way, then our equipment classes are for you.

“I joined Viva Physiotherapy’s Equipment Classes when I strained my calf from running. I’ve always enjoyed running (including having completed 2 half-marathons and a full marathon in the past), however, my calves have always been my “Achilles Heel” – they’re always tight and sore but I find it very hard to strengthen them. My physio identified that weakness in other areas of my core and legs were leading to calf overload which is why they were always tired and sore. By incorporating Pilates into my regular routine, I can not only run without feeling my calves cramping, but I have also shaved 2 1/2 minutes of my previous half marathon PB!” Jason – Equipment Class Attendee.

How do I join an equipment class?

Because the equipment classes allow you to work specifically on your problems, you will need to have an individual session with a physiotherapist in order to write your program.  This usually takes 45 minutes, but occasionally is done over a couple of appointments depending on the complexity of your condition.

Then, it’s just a matter of joining one of our 20 scheduled classes.  You can click here for our timetable.

What if I’m scared of the equipment?!

That’s no problem at all!  We recommend that you have a couple of individual sessions with one of our physios to familiarise yourself with the equipment before you choose to enter the class environment.


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