Perform your best on the sports field with Bede


Tell us about your work as a physio and what unique work you do at Viva

I have a special interest in sports injury rehab and have done that within a professional setting with both Melbourne Rebels Rugby team and the Essendon Football Club. I try to apply the same rehab principals to my clients at Viva. This means having a clear structure to the rehab process: 1. Understanding what the client’s goal is. 2. Determining what their current capacity is. 3. Working out how to get there!

What was it that really drew you to this type of work? 

I was reasonably sporty growing up and had a few injuries myself. Through this experience, I saw physios, sports doctors & podiatrists, and recall thinking “wow” that would be a really cool job. I also love working with people, and it’s a great feeling when you help someone achieve their goal!

What is your philosophy to help people with a sports injury to get better?

1. Do the basics right! There are a lot of ‘sexy’ rehab ideas out there, but you have to address the fundamentals first (poor ROM, poor strength, running mechanics). Simple things like waiting for pain & swelling to settle before you start loading an injury with rehab exercises.

2. It’s crucial to have a good understanding of tissue pathology & the different healing time-frames for muscle, tendon, & bone. This will partly determine how long rehab is going to take. It may also mean that we decide to get some imaging to accurately diagnose your injury where appropriate.

3. Have a good understanding of the basic movement patterns, and have the ability to COACH clients through them – whether it’s lifting in the gym, working on their mobility, or taking them through running drills.

4. Think PERFORMANCE! This means having a clear understanding of what the athletic requirements & physical parameters are for a client’s chosen sport. And no cutting corners – rehab athletes need to tick off competency. For example – a rehab athlete should restore strength before speed. They need to earn the right to run fast!

5. Make rehab fun!! Being injured sucks, and for a lot of people, rehab can be a dark place. Part of my job is to bring some energy, keep things interesting for the athlete, and make sure we celebrate the small wins!

What is your top piece of advice?

Get moving. Stay Active. As humans, we’re not designed to sit all day!


Top tips from Bede

Relieve pain when on the field

Anterior chain mobility – in the form of a kneeling hip flexor stretch against the wall, is great for keeping hips loose and can help improve running efficiency.

To restore movement patterns for sports injuries

A Romanian Deadlift (RDL) is an important hip-hinge movement pattern that we should master. It’s also a great way to get strength into the posterior chain (hamstrings & glutes)!

To build performance and strength after a painful injury

I’ve been known to say that the shoulder bridge is the answer to everything. Technically it addresses all major reasons why we may be in pain from our neck to our ankle. Ask me about it someday. I can talk about it for hours!



You can book a 1:1 appointment with Bede at the link below. He always looks forward to sharing his sports injury knowledge.

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