Learn the benefits of strength with Mike


Tell us about your work as a physio and what unique work you do at Viva

I’m Viva’s resident go-to person for strength. I like taking people through the full spectrum of recovery, from early to late-stage rehab. With my background in strength and conditioning, I like to bring people into more challenging exercise prescriptions that match their function. My background provides me the insight into strength training for both novices or advanced gym-goers, to bring people out of rehab and into long-lasting exercise routines.

What was it that really drew you to this type of work? 

Even at a young age I’ve always had exposure to sport and performance. I’ve been a regular gym-goer since I was in high school and I always wanted to progress my profession into that area, because I enjoy it. The gym has always been a place where I can easily see my goal progression which helps with my general motivation.

What is your philosophy to help people with a long-term injury to get better? 

The gym is the best place to improve performance as well as rehab progression. Prepare yourself for basic exercise with stretches and mobility, work on early-stage learning of movement patterns, for example getting a basic squat right, getting your glutes firing, then take it to your next level of performance by adding weights, complexity, load, and speed.

What is your top piece of advice?

The best rehabilitation is pre-habilitation.


Top tips from Mike

Relieve pain from the gym
You can get a lot of relief from doing the bridge


To maximise your performance and work at your best
I really enjoy power clean lifts to improve your overall strength


Restore movement patterns for gym work
Getting a solid squat technique is a fundamental skill



You can book a 1:1 appointment with Mike at the link below. He’s always looking forward to meeting new faces and sharing his tips. 

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