Learn how to power up your running with Jess


Tell us about your work as a physio and what unique work you do at Viva

At Viva, I am the running guru. My special area of interest is running. My passion lies in running because I enjoy running and I’m interested in the biomechanics of running. I particularly focus on assessing people’s running gait as well as running related strength to make a plan to start running, maintain an injury, avoid injury and progress their running through speed, endurance, or strength.

What was it that really drew you to this type of work?

Running and athletics has always been a passion of mine – I’ve always been interested in the biomechanical make up of running and how the body works. I’ve always played team sport and the training and running I’ve done has always helped me to achieve my goals on the field. Through this I’ve become more and more interested in what are the underlying factors that it takes to build a body that can run really well.

What is your philosophy for helping people with Running injuries to get better?

Be aware of your body and the signs that mean your body needs maintenance (eg tight calves can lead to an injury). Be proactive rather than reactive. Own a foam roller and a spiky ball and use it! Understand what strength your body needs to run and have a plan about what to do and schedule it. Have a tailored program to achieve your goals and take your running to the next level and stick to it!


What is your top piece of advice?

Anyone can be a runner! You just have to know how to care for your body.

Want to join my outdoor running group? Or if you’d like to work on your technique first, come and join my running fundamentals workshop


Top tips from Jess

Relieve: Foam Roller Exercices for ITB
Do this every day for a while, and then 2-3 times per week to keep you running pain-free

Restore: Lunges

Lunges replicate the shape of a running stride and will help to give you running-specific hip and leg strength, to restore your movement patterns. 

Perform: Skipping

Skipping is great for both cardio and plyometric load. It helps condition your lower leg muscles for the forces involved in running.




You can book a 1:1 appointment with Jess at the link below. She’s always excited to meet new clients. 

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