Viva Physio was started by Kathryn Anderson with the single goal of creating an environment where people were given the best opportunity to provide curative solutions to their injuries. We will not leave you with a hot pack or on a machine and we promise you that you will not left alone while we treat someone else. What you get at Viva is a promise that 100% of your appointment time will be spent one-on-one with you. It’s a simple philosophy but it makes way for our highly trained physiotherapists to plan with you, your ideal treatment plan. Whether it be through massage, spinal mobilization, stretching, sports rehabilitation or Pilates, our dedication is to you and your injury.

As Viva Physio has grown, so has its services and opportunities for you. We started as a physiotherapy clinic but have since grown to incorporate a fully-equipped Pilates studio, offering more than 30 classes per week, a real-time ultrasound to educate you on how to engage your core muscles and more techy things such as online booking!

Our physios are dynamic, highly trained and dedicated to a style of treatment based on medical evidence.

Partnerships & Associations

We are proudly partnered with a variety of clubs, associations and surgeons across Victoria.