There are two basic types of sports injury. Acute injuries are the unlucky times when you sprain an ankle or break a leg. Overuse injuries are more about your technique: putting too much strain on your body, so it breaks down over time.

Your particular type of sports injury really dictates your rehab. The important thing is to be specific: once we figure out why the injury happened, we use our expertise to minimise the chance it doesn’t happen again.





Before jumping into treatment, we need to know what’s going on. Sports injuries are all about thorough diagnosis, and sometimes that means specialist help or jumping into an MRI. Once we know the problem, we can work to relieve the pain with early intervention strategies such as hands-on treatment or dry needling. 



For impact injuries – broken bones, strained ligaments and so on – the Restore phase is about specific guidance on healing times. For overuse injuries, like Tennis Elbow, hip pain or chronic knee pain, we’ll examine your movement mechanics and fix your technique.



Perform is the final treatment phase. For sports injuries, this is all about putting your clinical program into practice. Building muscle strength and resilience, improving your flexibility, and slowly working through functional movements. Check out our classes for more information.



Drawing on her experience with the Melbourne Demons, Sarah has clinical expertise and a keen interest in rehabilitating sports and exercise injuries. She is passionate about implementing programs that will help you achieve long-term, high-level function of your injured area and entire musculoskeletal system, as well as developing injury prevention strategies to avoid future occurrences.

Sarah is also an eager runner herself and can help you identify all the factors that may have contributed to your running injury. She will work with you to improve your mobility, strength and speed in the areas that need it to help improve both your performance and pain.

She loves to see all types of sports and running injuries – from the unlucky ankle sprain or hamstring tear, all the way to your chronic knee or hip pain that’s been bothering you for months!



Ash understands the importance of the mind and  body to be functioning well to optimise performance on the field. Having overcome an achillies injury herself, Ash understands that rehab is all about trusting the process. Through working with Melbourne Storm, Melbourne Rebels Academy program and recently within Gold Coast & District Rugby Union, Ash has developed a wealth of knowledge in managing acute sports injuries through to implementing evidence based return to sport protocols. By creating a custom program for your sports demands, Ash will help get you back kicking goals. 


Movement Studio classes
to help with injury

Clinical Movement

If you’re looking to train a specific sports injury, or to improve your performance, we can write a bespoke program for you for our Clinical Movement classes. We start by meeting with you individually for a few sessions to work up the program before you enter the class. Book a clinical assessment

Pilates Mat

Pilates Mat Class - the general core strengthening you gain from our Pilates Mat class is sure to help your performance in any sport. Book a mat class

Therapeutic Yoga

Many athletes use our therapeutic yoga class as their regular stretch session, and also draw on the mindfulness techniques used in the class to help with their focus and performance. View our timetable

Viva Strong

Use our Viva Strong class as your weekly strength training to help get load and tone your body. Reserve your spot

Runner's Strength

Join our runner's strength class to improve your landing technique and strength in all the muscles you need to run well. Make sure you’re strong and can take load on one leg before coming along (Clinical Movement and Yoga can help with that!). Book your place

Outdoor Running Group

Join our outdoor running group on the banks of the Yarra to experience our expertise on form, style and progression. We write the session to accommodate all runners from complete beginners to marathon runners. Join the group



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