Perform is a strength-training class that mixes gym style exercises with some Pilates Philosophy. It is suitable for all levels of experience. Whether you are an avid runner, keen weight lifter or wanting to incorporate a challenging workout in your routine, this is for you!

The goal with our online Perform class is to focus on the stabilisation and control whilst maintaining form with strengthening exercises to improve your overall performance.



Perform is targeted for all levels of experience, whether you are new to the world of strength and conditioning, a regular gym goer or athlete. It’s great for those trying to improve on current training goals and endurance, and to alleviate those day-to-day niggles (hello desk workers!) and those simply hoping to make a healthy change to their lifestyle. Perform will assist in improving your core strength and help in the prevention of future injury.

Weekly Group Class

Group training circuit class overseen by a physio for a great workout and to help in your progression with your strengthening and movement.

1:1 Consultation/Gym Session

Face to face session in our studio to review movement techniques, current training regime and modification to progress with your strength and conditioning goals.

Regular Check-in

Touch base with our physiotherapists to progress your program and help structure goals to improve your performance.


We run Perform at 5:30pm Mondays.

You can secure your spot by booking online or by phoning our studio. If you have a more specific strength goal or an injury that needs individual attention, book an appointment with Sarah. She’s a physiotherapist and will help you with your strength goals.