The Restore Phase

This is the part that sets Viva apart; where we look closely at the way your body is put together; how your stability muscles work, how your posture influences your movement patterns, how your strength holds you up if you're sitting at your desk, quickly changing direction or hitting a ball.

Our physios analyse the way you move and help restore you to how your body should ideally work. This gets you moving again and most importantly, prevents you from continually needing pain-relief.



Rather than just giving you ‘boring physio exercises’ we craft and shape
every piece of your rehabilitation to align specifically with your long term goals.
We can show you how the way you use your core muscles relates exactly to your pain
and give you an active way to fix this which gives immediate results.

Personalised Program

Let us work with you to create a plan aimed at helping you to move at your best.

Postural Assessment

We'll complete a full assessment to so that we can get your posture looking good.

Movement Pattern Retraining

Get your muscles in balance and learn how to move in the most efficient way.

Core Strengthening

Your core, of course, is the beginning of all strength. Learn how to make yours work well.