The Perform Phase

At Viva, we love helping you have the best body, best strength and best longevity that you can. Which is why we created a special name for this third part of your physiotherapy journey - the Perform Phase.

We use this phase to get you stronger, help you run faster, help you sit longer, and build the tolerance your body has to daily challenges. Not only does feel really good, it also reduces your chance of being vulnerable to injury or falling back into old ones.

We will give you full understanding of the way your body works and teach you how to train it.



Weaknesses that cause injury can also lead to a loss of speed, strength
and performance. That’s why we take the traditional physio model one step further.
We’ll link the movement retraining and biomechanics learned during your physio rehab
to help you jump higher, run faster, or just sit at your desk for longer without pain.

Strength Training Safely

We add load and strength exactly when your body is ready for it, not before.

Endurance Improvement

Learn the finer art of when to push your body to run faster or tolerate more.

Movement Studio Access

Filled with equipment specially chosen for you to use for your ongoing training.

We are Professionals

One of us physios will supervise you through the whole journey.