Move for Minds is a charity event that optimises your physical and mental health, while creating a spring board to support mental health on a wider scale.

Does this sound like something you might be interested in being a part of?

We hope so! Move for Minds will be occurring once again in the latter half of 2023, and we’re already cooking up some big plans for it.

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Move for Minds is a guided exercise training and support program that culminates in a weekend of events in which everyone sets and pushes towards their individual goals.

But this isn’t your average exercise program we’re talking about- it’s more of a wellbeing program.

Move for Minds sits at a crossroads between physical and mental health, using one to facilitate the other as we foster positive and powerful habits.

For 2023 we’re looking to not only get individuals involved but workplaces and groups as well – allowing the mental and physical health benefits to be shared amongst you and your team.

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    For the 2022 event we had a total of 66 participants undertaking a staggering 15,281 minutes of both physical and mental health training- which we think is frankly brilliant.

    Charity Partner

    Prevention United is an Australian charity and mental health advocacy group started in 2018 by Dr Stephen Carbone and Dr Luke Martin.

    Their aim in doing so was twofold: to promote and foster mental health, and to advocate for greater emphasis on the prevention of mental health conditions. Rather than focussing on intervention and treatment for those with existing mental health conditions (work that is already carried out by many other groups), Prevention United seek to facilitate what they call ‘primary prevention’ strategies that tackle the root causes of mental health conditions and can limit their development in the first place.

    This work is carried out via education, training and consultation work, as well as a program of advocacy for the government to restructure mental health funding to include prevention programs. All of the money raised during Move for Minds goes towards this important work, and we are proud of what we’ve created together over these last few years.



    Want to know more about Move For Minds?

    We’ve documented our journey and would love for you to learn why we’re doing it and why movement is so important for mental health.

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