Looking after your workforce is one of the best things you can do as an employer. If people are happy – and above all, healthy – they’ll be more productive, and more likely to stick around.

Viva offers a range of corporate movement programs, designed to get your office sitting better, working better and feeling better.

Corporate consulting is pretty flexible. Our qualified physios can visit your office, or we can organise dedicated group classes in our movement studio. We offer 1:1 consults, online corporate training programs and remote ergonomic assessments. Whatever your team needs to get moving.

Our Corporate Physiotherapy Services

Ergonomic Assessments

How safe is your workplace? Are your desks set up correctly? Our expert physios can visit your office and conduct 30-minute ergonomic assessments, moving from station to station. Think of it like a check-up for your business. These assessments include a comprehensive employer report, personalised feedback, and advice on things like equipment purchase and desk orientation. Ask us how

In-house Workshops

Our movement workshops can be done in the office or online. They follow the same innovative, three-step pattern as our regular physio programs: Relieve, Restore, Perform. This is what really sets Viva apart. We don’t just treat pain, we teach your team to work smarter, work healthier, and reduce the risk of further injury. Browse workshops

Exercise Classes

Viva classes are a great way to build moral and improve your team’s overall health. We run a variety of sessions, depending on your needs: everything from Pilates and yoga, strength and stretching. We even run a chair-based stretching class where your workers can stay in their work gear to attend! These classes can be done in-house, online, at the office, or in our dedicated movement studio. Get in touch

Injury Assessments

Many companies prefer to handle employee injuries in-house (as a self-insurer). If that’s the case, no problem, Viva can act as your preferred physio provider. We’ve done this for several big companies, including Peter Rowland Catering. Our team can diagnose injuries, tailor treatment plans and oversee dedicated rehab. If you're not a self-insurer and would still like a trustworthy opinion we can services organisations of any size to provide this service. Get in touch



There aren’t many companies that can’t benefit from corporate physiotherapy.
This doesn’t have to be drastic (or expensive). Simply getting a qualified physio to come
and assess your office is a great way to start. Your employees are your most important asset:
an investment in their health is an investment in the company’s health. 


We’re proud to have worked with the following companies, to name a few…



It’s never too late to get into good workplace habits. If you’d like to organise an office movement class, get an ergonomic assessment or treat a workplace injury, get in touch for a free consultation.