Pregnancy is a wonderful time, but it can be uncomfortable. Many women, particularly first-time mums, are full of big questions. Can I still play sport? What can I do about headaches and joint pain? How do I fix my posture? What about pelvic floor exercises?

Don’t worry, our physios have seen it all before. We’ll look after your body, help you navigate each trimester, and speed up that tricky post-natal recovery.





In the first trimester, it’s all about preparing your body for pregnancy. We’ll sit down and look at your posture and overall fitness, do a pelvic floor assessment with ultrasound, and walk you through Sports Medicine Australia’s Exercise in Pregnancy Guidelines. We can also create a plan for how you may approach exercise as your belly grows.



The second trimester is where some mums start to feel pain or discomfort, or for others it’s where they thrive. We are on hand for classes to keep you moving, hands-on pregnancy massage, or clinical treatment for pelvic and back pain. This is the time when we’re really here to support you in any way you might need.



You’re nearly there! In the third trimester, mums are less concerned with overall fitness – it’s more about pain relief, sleep advice and targeting problem areas. We can also help fit you for SRC Recovery Shorts. We’ll help you with any niggles and keep you going to the end, while giving you tips, tricks and resources to prepare for labour.



While it’s important to stay on top of things during pregnancy, the pathway you choose after your baby is born will shape the way your body functions in the future. Get advice on DRAM (abdominal separation), pelvic floor, breast- feeding positions and the all important question – how quickly to get back to traditional exercise.

It’s a little different for everyone depending on your body type, method of delivery and other factors from your birth so we will help create a bespoke recovery plan for you.

For a full list of our pregnancy services and classes, take a look at check our Viva Pregnancy Guidelines. It’s got everything you need for a pain-free pregnancy.


Ash (Pregnancy & Women's Health Expert)

Ash appreciates the changes, both mentally and physically, that the pregnancy journey can have on women. With a thorough understanding of adaptation and compensations the body goes through, Ash can efficiently assess your function and help strengthen and maintain your body through each stage of pregnancy. Being diagnosed with endometriosis herself, Ash understands the effect of pelvic girdle pain on everyday life and activities. By educating you about your condition and implementing an effective management plan for you.


Kath (Our Resident Mum)

As a mum of two and a physio who’s passionate about movement, Kath enjoys helping women through their pregnancy and into their post-natal recovery through both expertise and experience.

Bridging that gap between a musculoskeletal physiotherapist and a women’s health physiotherapist, Kath is dedicated to giving you an all-round approach to care that involves exercise, pain relief, knowledge, cheerleading and empowerment.


Movement studio classes to
support your pregnancy & beyond

Stay Fit in Pregnancy Class

This is our best class to help you through the pre-natal period. Designed exclusively for pregnancy, we will keep you fit and strong through Pilates-type exercises while weaving in tips and tricks for you to prepare for the birth of your baby. Start this journey with an individual appointment to get your pelvic floor checked on real-time ultrasound and learn how to get the most out of this class. View our timetable

Clinical Movement

A great alternative if the pregnancy classes times don’t work for you, plus your best bespoke option if you have an injury and for post natal recovery. Book an individual appointment first so we can get you started. Book a clinical assessment

Mums and Bubs

Enjoy reaching your postnatal movement goals in a supportive environment. Our Mums and Bubs classes focus on getting new mums moving and feeling well with a mix of bodyweight, equipment and pilates based movements. Our studio allows space for bub to interact with the movements (or to have a power nap too!) View our timetable

Pilates Mat

Our mat classes work well if you’re less than 16 weeks gestation, or post-natally if you have had your abs and pelvic floor checked by one of our team. Book a mat class or postnatal check. Book a mat class

Therapeutic Yoga

We can modify our yoga class for all stages of pregnancy and post-natally. A great way to check in and slow down, while maintaining your overall postural and core strength. View our timetable



Book in for a pregnancy assessment and we’ll
work out how best to support you: