The Relieve Phase

We call this the RELIEVE phase because it's the time we focus on diagnosis, manual therapy and complimentary treatments like dry needling and deep tissue work that aim to relieve your pain. Tackling this phase is key to working toward long-term pain relief.

When you visit Viva you will be paired with a physio who has a special interest in your type of injury, meaning you're on a faster road to recovery.

We will always start the journey here, whether it be to relieve your pain through traditional physiotherapy, or work with you to create an overall management plan. You will co-create your journey to recovery with us, and we'll help you choose from the many different ways to break your cycle of pain.



We use hands-on physio, or “manual therapy” to break the cycle of your pain, to loosen your tight
muscles and get you moving well enough to make your day to day life easier, or provide opportunity
for rehabilitation. It can form a strategic part of your regular body maintenance, or get you
started on your road to recovery.

Accurate Diagnosis

We will listen to your history, consider all your previous treatment, refer for scans and provide a thorough, diagnosis-driven assessment.

Manual Therapy

We help your body move and treat your pain through loosening the stiff parts and mobilising the sore parts.

Dry Needling & Deep Tissue Work

If your muscles are causing your pain, we have different ways to get them moving again by working on trigger points or using needles.

Clinical Plan

Wondering how different doctors or specialists might help? We can help by knowing the best professional for the job and referring you to them.