Our Clinical Movement program is inspired by functional movement training and Clinical Pilates. It’s our most specific and targeted program: designed and overseen by a qualified physiotherapist, and tailored to each individual patient. We call our Clinical Movement Classes the “King of Classes”.

We will provide a pathway for you to start at the beginning and take your body through a graded process of learning, loading and strengthening. To begin, you will work individually with your physio then move onto our Clinical Movement classes, with the opportunity to check back in with your physio whenever your program needs upgrading.

We see amazing improvements in pain, movement, body awareness and performance through this process.



The beauty of Clinical Movement is that it’s always bespoke: we work with you to create a program
that is good for sports injuries, dealing with pelvic pain during pregnancy, fixing niggles or helping you
cure a long-term injury by improving your mechanics and movement patterns. Depending on your
condition, this may include a bit of clinical Pilates, strength, gym rehab, stretching and pain relief.

Personalised Program

Our physios will ensure that every single exercise you’re asked to do is aligned with your goals and clinical needs.

1:1 Consultation

Work with us individually to learn the finer skills in engaging your core and moving at your best.

Physio Supervised Classes

Join small groups of up to 5 people so that you can receive feedback that takes you towards your goals.

Choice of Class Times

We run 20 Clinical Movement classes each week, so we can work around your timetable.


Not sure which class to book or exactly what you need?

Start by booking an individual assessment with a physio.
They’ll examine your injury, diagnose the problem, and recommend a particular set of clinical exercises. Once we’ve got the pain under control.

Otherwise you can jump right in and book a class.


Kath (Pain Guru)

If you’re struggling with long-term pain and you don’t know where to begin in your journey to recovery, Kath will help you take things step by step and most importantly let you be in control the whole way.

In the movement studio, Kath works by the APPI method, a Pilates approach designed specifically for physiotherapists for injuries and rehabilitation to create you an expert program to get you moving at your best.


Clinical Movement Timetable