Our physiotherapists aren’t just experienced, clinical physios. They’re also qualified (and very bendy) Pilates Instructors.

We offer a range of Pilates programs in our sunny Movement Studio including Clinical, Mat and Pregnancy Pilates that use varying equipment. Each Pilates class is overseen by one of our qualified physiotherapists. They’ll make sure you’re sticking to the program and working within your limits. You’re in good hands. Literally.

Unlike traditional fitness classes, Viva Pilates classes aren’t big. In fact, you’ll be training with a maximum of eight people. That means you get more individualised attention from your physio.



Pilates Mat Class
Drop in anytime to join one of our Pilates Mat classes to improve your core strengthc and posture.
These fun and engaging sessions will keep your core working and your posture tip top, all in the
easy format of a group class.

Clinical Movement Class
Need something more bespoke rather than just a drop in class? Explore our Clinical Movement
Program for more individualised care. Here we write you an individualised program where you can
use Pilates principles to work step by step towards your goal.

Regular Mat Classes

A few times each week we jump into classes of up to 8 people to give you a chance to move and stretch.

Bespoke Programs

Availbale through our Clinical Movement Program where we utilise Pilates Principles as the fundamental core.

Sunny CBD Studio

On the top level of Carlow House, our studio is more like a sanctuary to take you away from the city below.

Choice of Class Times

Our timetable offers classes every day of the week so you can always get your body moving with us.



Our Movement Studio Pilates programs vary.
In a Clinical Pilates class you can expect traditional equipment: reformers, Cadillac
(Trapeze) tables and Wunda chairs. If you join a Mat Pilates class you’ll use foam rollers, weight
balls and magic circles.

Our Pregnancy Pilates classes use different tools to prepare your body for
pregnancy and strengthen your pelvic floor. Whichever way you go, you’ll get a bespoke program,
tailored to your body and fitness goals.


Here’s two options for you to get started

Book a class via the timetable below or book a one-to-one appointment with a Physio who will assess your concerns and personalise a plan for you.


Mat Pilates Timetable