Written by Kathryn Anderson

Movement Studio: A Letter To Our Clients

To all our clients,

I hope you are as excited about The Movement Studio as what I am. This concept is 18 months in the making and will provide an even greater platform for you to Relieve, Restore and Perform and get the most out of your bodies. It also ensures our studio is future-proofed with the new private health reforms for Pilates which you may have read about. You can read more on the Australian Physiotherapy Association’s stance on this here, and more about how it will take shape at Viva below.

By adding new styles of classes to our timetable, we will help you to give you the tools to train your body to an even higher level to reduce injury and pain and to achieve your goals. Any feedback or questions on this launch are greatly welcomed and you can contact me personally on [email protected].

Best Wishes,

What is the Movement Studio?

The Movement Studio is the new name for our studio which describes what we do: We “Empower through Movement”. The new name describes how Viva really offers more than straight Pilates classes but more so how our approach is designed specifically to get you moving better with many modalities such as Pilates, strength and conditioning, yoga, pregnancy classes, running skills and clinical movement retraining. Our new name reflects how we embody our positive sense of movement and improve your performance through more than just Pilates classes.

" Empower through Movement. "

- Viva Physiotherapy

What’s New?

From March, you’ll see the following classes appear on our timetable:

Therapeutic Yoga Classes
A therapeutic yoga program headed up by Kathryn that encompasses yoga principles with physiotherapy concepts. Helpful for those who are injured or who would just like to keep well.

Viva Strong Program
A tailored strength and conditioning program headed up by Michael, for those wishing to recover from injury or improve their performance. A great way to up the ante on your current Clinical Pilates program.

How will Pilates at Viva change?

Our current Pilates timetable will remain. However, your existing Clinical Equipment Pilates classes will now be called Clinical Movement Classes and Pregnancy Pilates classes will now be called Stay Fit in Pregnancy.

These new names are a more accurate reflection of the styles of classes we run ie. a combination of physiotherapy exercises, functional restoration exercises, strength and condition and exercises derived from Pilates.

Private Health Reforms and claiming

The Australian Physiotherapy Association have worked hard to advocate to ensure that clinically appropriate exercise programs for injuries are still rebatable. “Physiotherapy is Physiotherapy” they say, which means that your private health insurance should support you whether you’re receiving hands-on physiotherapy, or physiotherapy through exercise.

For you to be able to claim, it is important that your program is written with specific goals in mind and are linked to the maintenance of your health. That is, be an active form of physiotherapy (not just an exercise class for fitness).

From April 1, 2019, our Clinical Movement Classes, Runner’s Strength, Stay Fit in Pregnancy and Viva Strong will be rebatable. However Pilates Mat Classes and Therapeutic Yoga Classes won’t be. To ensure you can continue to claim a rebate on your equipment (or what we currently call “specialty” classes), just make sure:

  • Your program matches your goals
  • You have had your program reviewed recently (there is no strict guidelines on how often this needs to be, but to be clinically aligned we would recommend every 8-12 weeks).

In order to help you do this, we are offering a special rate on our program reviews for the months of March and April – usually $131, only $99 (use the code MOVEMENTSTUDIO when booking to receive your discount).

You’re welcome to chat to any of us in your appointment, in the studio or via email if you would like to know how this affects you directly. We can continue to add more information on this over time, so if you feel there’s anything I haven’t covered, please shoot me an email on [email protected].

Here’s why we decided to offer more classes…

The new classes at Viva have been specially chosen and created based on our own experiences and passions.

Where Pilates is a starting point for restoring movement patterns and building strength, yoga, strength training and technique work are methods we all use ourselves in our own training to get the most of our bodies. These additions reflect what we truly believe in and we can speak from personal experience about their effectiveness. When combined with our professional knowledge of biomechanics and movement patterns, the sky’s the limit!

Thank you for going on the Viva journey so far. I can’t wait for you to experience The Movement Studio and see just how it will help you to Relieve your injuries, Restore your Movement and Perform in a way that inspires you.