After the arrival of your little one, we are here to help you make a speedy recovery from your pregnancy. At Viva, our physiotherapists will assist you in your postnatal care to incorporates all elements of your physical recovery including

  • Assessment of posture, sprains, strains and residual pain
  • Assessment of your pelvic floor and abdominals using real-time ultrasound
  • Assessment of any diastasis or DRAM (splitting of abs during pregnancy)
  • Advice on speed, rate and intensity of your return to exercise
  • A pathway back to postnatal Pilates classes, reformer classes, mat classes or Pilates for Runners.

We recommend that you book with one of our physios about 6-12 weeks following the birth of your baby (regardless of delivery method) for a Postnatal physio appointment.  These appointments are 1 hour in duration and have a standard format which will cover all the most important areas of your recovery. Most importantly, we can check your abdominals and pelvic floor muscles using the Real-Time ultrasound where you can

  • see an image of what’s happening on the inside
  • receive specific advice on best methods of retraining

to bring you back to your pre-baby self as quickly as possible.

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