Improve your running technique and reduce injury



Are you a keen runner, or are you just starting out? Running is a fun and flexible sport that provides an excellent cardio workout while also toning muscles. From casual runners to professional athletes, everyone can benefit from some guidance when it comes to running technique.

Our Running Assessment Session is a tailored service for runners who would like to have their running stride assessed. In this one hour consult we will look at your running and injury history and assess your body through a series of physio tests. Session are designed to give you expert advice and ideas to enhance your technique and also discuss possible causes of loading issues you may be experiencing.

During your session we will also use video to analyse your movement from a number of different angles. State-of-the-art technology gives us the opportunity to look at your stride in both fast motion and slow motion, which we can then play back to you to demonstrate our findings.

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Inury Consultation for Runners

You may have developed a small niggle, or have a long-term overuse injury. Whatever the problem, our physiotherapists are trained in injury management in order to fix your problem.

Rehabilitation Consultations for Runners

You may know you have an area of weakness, have experienced an injury or identified a biomechanical issue from you running assessment. In these consultations our physiotherapists will work one-on-one with you to retrain the basic movement patterning required to run well, in addition to strengthening up the muscles that will help you do this.

Why might I benefit from an assessment?

There are three reasons why you will benefit from a running assessment performed by one of our physiotherapists:

  • Efficiency – we can analyse your method of propulsion and teach your body to move in the most efficient way
  • Injuries – we can identify any loading issues in your running stride that may lead to pain and injury
  • Performance – we can identify areas where you can improve your strength and technique in order to improve your time and distance output

Book a one hour session for $160. A rebate may be available via your private health insurer (500 or 505).

Each session includes video analysis, postural and biomechanical assessment, shoe assessment and personalised running advice.

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Pilates for Runners

We run a dedicated class every Wednesday for those who either do run, or would like to run. Running is all about gluts, hamstrings, calves and abs so this tailored class works on these muscles in the style they are needed to improve your performance and reduce the chance of injury. Book Now!