Our physios are all trained in sports massage. Whether it be to prepare for a sporting event such as the Melbourne Marathon, Tuff Mudda or Around the Bay, to knead out those tight muscles after the event or just to loosen up your tight muscles from sitting at your desk, our sports massage service can assist.

Before your event, sports massage is important to maximize your performance at the same time as minimizing your chance of injury. Depending on your chosen sport and your personal biomechanics, you will be prone to certain areas of muscle tightness. Our physios can analyse your problem areas based on their biomechanical knowledge in order to release off those muscles that might cause you problems. For example, if the Melbourne Marathon was coming up tomorrow and you found that you get hip pain every time you run more than 30km, it is likely that weakness in your gluteal muscles has lead to this. We can release the opposing muscles such as the hip flexors, quads, TFL and iliopsoas to give your gluts the best chance to work.

Doing endurance and high level exercise produces lactic acid, which is one of the biggest reasons for post-exercise soreness. You might get this the following day or even 2 days later (known as DOMS – delayed onset muscle soreness). Massage and petrissage assists greatly in the symptoms from lactic acid.

If your problem is from inactivity rather than activity (ie, from working too hard at the computer!) a sports massage appointment with our physios is perfect to treat the tight muscles, but rest assured that by having the massage performed by a physio, if your pain was due to anything more pathological such as a disc bulge or facet joint dysfunction, we can easily diagnose the problem and advise you accordingly. The other benefit of seeing our physios for sports massage is that you can claim through your private health under a physiotherapy item code!

If you would like further information about sports massage, please contact us with your query.