Our physios love treating sports injuries. If you have a hamstring problem like Jobe Watson, or patellar tendinosis like Rafael Nadal, our physios will not only give you expert treatment, they also have strong connections to Sports Doctors, Radiologists and Orthopaedic Surgeons to make sure you get the right scan, injection or surgery necessary to get you back on the field most quickly.

Our sporting associations

  • Bede and Kathryn have spent a couple of years each working with the Bombers down in Windy Hill, looking after their VFL team.
  • Emma has spent the past few years providing the physio for VU Western Lightning in the Victorian Netball League as well as the Werribee Football Club in the VFL.
  • We have  a strong association with North Old Boys Amateur Football Club who compete in the Amateurs.
  • We are an Alliance Parther with the Melbourne Triathlon Club (MTC), providing physio for swim, run and bike problems as well as Pilates programs for injury prevention and performance training.
  • We provide regular in-house training sessions to all the personal trainers at the Virgin Active Gym in Bourke Street.
  • We have a close working relationship with Melbourne Radiology where George Kolouris, Head Radiologist, has a post-graduate qualification specific to sports injuries.
  • Marathon training is our bread and butter. We see a lot of overuse injuries from marathon training and Kathryn even spent 3 years working as a Rehabilitational Physiotherapist at Six Physio in London, specializing in this area.

These associations enhance our connections and clinical experience when it comes to sporting injuries of all types. We promise you that consultation with us will not only treat your injury, we will also refer you to other doctors where you can get you the right MRI, X-Ray, CT Scan, Ultrasound, Cortisone Injection, arthroscope or surgery if it will get you back on the field quickly.

If you would like further information about physio for sports injuries, please contact us with your query.