Want to try Pilates while supporting local charities?

Class For A CauseGet the extra ‘feel good’ feeling by joining us as we combine fitness and charitable support through ‘Class for a Cause’.

We guarantee fun, increased fitness and strength, plus the chance to know that your hard-earned money is helping those in need.

Entry to the class is by way of a donation of your choice. Class fees received will be donated, in full, toward our nominated charity for each quarter. 

If it’s your first time in our C4AC class, register by emailing [email protected] or if you have been before, use your mindbody log in and the code CAUSEQ3-17 at the checkout to make the class booking free.

Classes will be held each Friday at 1.30pm.
Pets of the homeless

This quarter (August-October) we will be supporting Pets of the Homeless

Pets of the Homeless was founded in 2015 by Yvonne Hong. Pets of the Homeless Australia provides food, veterinary care and other support to the pets of people experiencing or facing homelessness. The project believes in keeping pets and humans together through difficult times. The companionship and therapeutic value of pets is immeasurable. They can assist with mental health and self-esteem which provides a positive and healthy effect to individuals in the long run.

Pets of the Homeless keep people united with the companion that provides company, protection and love. They help reduce the number of health pets that are surrendered to shelters and euthanised due to financial hardship.



Reserve your spot now!

Please note that we can only take bookings for Class for a Cause one month in advance. Once you have filled in the form one of our team will be in touch to confirm your preferred dates.