Support for Runners | Viva Physio


Are you a runner? 

Do you find yourself hitting ‘the wall’ at a certain distance? Are you frustrated that your body is limiting your running performance?

You’re not alone and there is something you can do about it! We’re here to help you to improve your running, without running. 

We see a lot of runners at Viva, many in training and even more so with niggling injuries. We know a thing or two about running and quite a few of our team are keen runners themselves. 

The act of running involves more than what meets the eye. It is a high impact, whole body workout that requires not only cardio-respiratory fitness but also strength and endurance of your muscles to perform safely and effectively. 

It is our aim to help you to improve your strength and endurance through professional Running Assessments, injury support and our specifically designed Runners Strength Class.  


Running Function & Training

Running can be broken down into functional movements of the body. Running involves activation, timing, strength and endurance of your muscles to allow your body to effectively perform specific movement patterns. This is the reason why most successful runner’s include cross training into their weekly schedule.

If we look at running technique then break down each phase of the running motion and get an understanding of what muscles and functional movements are required. We can train our muscles and minds to be able to utilise specific muscle groups to allow for optimal functional movement at certain phases of running gait.

We need to understand the impact of running on not only our joints but also our muscles to completely understand their importance in running training. Interestingly your calf muscle, soleus, produces 6.5-8 times your body weight in force every time you take a stride! Now that’s saying something!

If we train our muscles to be stronger for longer in the right motion we can utilise them more effectively when we run and therefore reduce injury and improve overall performance. That’s why at Viva we have created a specific class to help.


Runners Strength Class

Runner’s strength is a specially designed Viva class. In this class we aim to improve your overall muscle strength and endurance, understand running technique and its role, improve your speed and overall mileage, prevent common running related injuries and improve running mindfulness.

We want to empower you as runner’s to take control of your body and know you have prepared for all aspects of running. Runner’s strength involves a small circuit based group class with tailored running specific exercises.

Read more about the class and book at this link.


Running Assessments

Our Running Assessment Session is a tailored service for runners who would like to have their running stride assessed. In this one hour consult we will look at your running and injury history and assess your body through a series of physio tests. Session are designed to give you expert advice and ideas to enhance your technique and also discuss possible causes of loading issues you may be experiencing.

During your session we will also use video to analyse your movement from a number of different angles. State-of-the-art technology gives us the opportunity to look at your stride in both fast motion and slow motion, which we can then play back to you to demonstrate our findings.

Find out more about our Running Assessments and book at this link.