Learn how to control pain with Kath


Tell us about your work as a physio and what unique work you do at Viva

I am Viva’s resident pain Guru, and through that role I work closely with many people who present with painful conditions. With support from the rest of my team for shorter-term injuries, I love helping people who have been in pain for a long time and need some help “untangling” the ball of wool so to speak. Also, being a mum myself I love seeing women through their pregnancies and beyond – allowing them to have the best pregnancy experience they can do, and get them back into exercise in a way that is safe and sustainable. 

What was it that really drew you to this type of work?

I have always loved the long-term relationship side of physiotherapy. In the early days of my career, I was fortunate enough to be exposed to Clinical Pilates and through that training, I went on to become a lecturer and then master trainer for the APPI. Their method is focused on how we can create normal movement patterns and strength in our clients and I noticed it had an extraordinary effect on people’s pain. I love the difference I can make to people’s lives by teaching them to be in control of their bodies.

What is your philosophy to help people with a long-term injury to get better?

Firstly, recognise niggles early, before they become complicated. There are lots of stretches and exercises that can help to relieve pain and I always think we’re best to have two or three really effective ones, rather than a list as long as your arm. Secondly, learn what pain is good pain and what is bad pain. What should you push through in order to restore normal movement? Following that, get strong. The stronger you are, the more resilient you’ll be to keep the pain away. Make sure that strength is task-specific which is a fancy way of saying to strengthen yourself in the positions and tasks you need to do on a daily basis.

What is your top piece of advice?

Cross train, stay strong and develop a strong relationship with exercise. It doesn’t matter what type of exercise that is, from yoga and Pilates to strength training or marathon running. Work daily to make sure this is an ongoing part of your life.


Top tips from Kath

To relieve niggles
Hands down, 100% foam roller. It’s the best investment you’ll ever make in relieving pain.



To restore movement patterns
I’ve been known to say that the shoulder bridge is the answer to everything. Technically it addresses all major reasons why we may be in pain from our neck to our ankle. Ask me about it some day. I can talk about it for hours!



To build performance and strength after a painful injury

If it’s postural pain you’re dealing with then a high plank is my best go to. You can do it without equipment and make it super hard even for the strongest of us.




You can book a 1:1 appointment with Kath at the link below. She’s always keen to meet new clients.  

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