What is Therapeutic Yoga?

Therapeutic Yoga incorporates asanas (postures) and mindfulness from traditional yoga into a program designed by a Physiotherapist. It is ideal for you if you are returning from injury or simply want a deeper understanding about the foundation of yoga postures.

Our classes are run by Kathryn Anderson, an experienced Physiotherapist and certified Yoga Instructor, who will keep a watchful eye on you as you advance through each yoga pose. Kath will help you to understand each pose and offer guidance and correction where necessary. This means that you can reap the maximum benefit of each pose and avoid any undue pressure that may aggravate or cause injury.    

Does this sound familiar?

You enjoy the many benefit of yoga but often leave with an achy back and sore legs from downward dog.

What you don’t know about downward dog is that the pose itself calls for a very strong stretch of the neural system (nerves) that run down the back of your body. This posture can irritate your nerve system and result in pain.

By understanding how to shorten, isolate and break down the downward dog through Therapeutic Yoga, you will leave each class feeling pain free as well as centered, calm and strong.

What to expect

During each class Kath will guide you through traditional postures and break them down, to give you an understanding of the muscles and mechanics involved. You will them be guided to put them back together progressively through the class, building a resilience and understanding that is not only kind to your body, but will result in a stronger and more focused posture.

Each class includes a maximum of 8 participants. Book a group yoga class online

Alternatively you can book an one-on-one Therapuetic Yoga session with Kathryn. 


What is the cost?

The cost is $30.50 per 45 minute group class, or you can come along free if you have a Viva Studio Membership

The one-on-one cost is $131.00 per 45 minute session.  


Meet Kathryn | Physiotherapist, Pilates & Yoga Instructor 

Kathryn founded Viva Physiotherapy in 2009 after she completed her Masters of Physiotherapy. She has worked extensively in private practice, both in Australia and the UK and is specialised in conditions such as sports, spinal injuries and pregnancy. She is also a certified Pilates and Yoga Instructor. 

Book an appointment with Kathryn today.