Our team has worked hard to establish Viva as THE experts in movement and rehabilitation in the Melbourne CBD, so we excited to launch our latest program, Viva Strong. This is your opportunity to test and improve your fitness under the guidance of a Physiotherapist. 

What is Viva Strong?

Viva Strong is an individually tailored strength training program that combines gym-style exercise with Pilates philosophy. The program is managed by a Physiotherapist, with a focus on stabilisation so that you can strengthen,  train and perform at your best. 

Do you feel as strong as years gone by?

In the past you may have played every sport under the sun but priorities in life shift (plus injuries happen!) and you may not be as active as you once were. You want to get back into playing sport or going for a run, but every time you try your back twinges or your calf goes…Enter Viva Strong.

Viva Strong is ideal for those who have been injured or regularly run, walk, cycle or hit the gym BUT your goals don’t have to be exercise-based. The program is also beneficial to desk workers who sits all day and people who want to improve their stamina and get through the day without aches and niggles.   

Our program will specifically identify your weaknesses through a series of tests, and then we’ll design a plan for you to begin strength training. Strength training means more muscle tone, less injury and a future where you will start to feel like your 30 year old self again!

Viva Strong will improve your body awareness, increase your functional strength and get you back enjoying the activities you used to.  

What to expect

During your first assessment we will work with you to identify and pain and/or limitations you face that affect your ability to achieve your fitness goals. We will discuss the source of your pain, how your movement patterns may be affecting you and run a series of strength tests. 

Following an individual assessment you can opt for a personalised one-on-one program, or you can join one of our Viva Strong group classes. 

If you choose the personalised option your program will involve 2 weekly follow-up sessions with one of our Physiotherapists, for a period of 8 weeks. These sessions are an important step that enable us to track and progress your program. You will complete 2 x 45-minute exercise sessions per week hat you can complete at your own gym, at home or at our Viva Movement Studio.  


What is the cost?

Each program will take into account your current level of fitness, your injury history or current injury and your personal goals.

Book an introductory session with Patrick to get started. The cost is $131.00 per 45 minute session. 

Alternatively you can join one of our Viva Strong group classes each Monday or Thursday at lunchtime for $47.50 per class, or included as a specialty class through your Viva Studio Membership. 

You can claim a rebate under health code 560.

Book online here and please use the codes VS1, VS2 or VS3 when booking for your first, second and third class for free!


Meet Pat | Viva Strong Physiotherapist & Pilates Instructor

Patrick graduated from the University of Limerick (Ireland) with a first class honors degree. He has worked in private practice in both Ireland and New Zealand, where he completed a diploma of Orthopedic Manual Therapy. Patrick’s clinical interests include lower back pain, hip and pelvic dysfunction, neck pain and shoulder issues.