Bede Christey

Bede Christey / Physiotherapist

How long have you been working at Viva?
6 years

Why did you become a physio?
I was pretty sporty as a kid, I did athletics, rugby, swimming, and I had some injuries myself. I saw both physios and podiatrists and was toying with the idea of both. I was accepted into both courses but made the decision to go with physiotherapy which I was really happy with. I did work experience with Sports Doctors and Physios in Christchurch and after seeing what they did on a daily basis and experiencing it through injuries myself, I thought it would be something I would enjoy and I’ve always enjoyed working with and being around people.

What’s the best thing about my job?
1. That it’s challenging. 2. That it’s rewarding – especially when you help someone to achieve their goals. 3. It’s fun – particularly working as a sports physio which is challenging but at the same time it’s a fun environment to work in. You get to meet lots of interesting people and have conversations and hear interesting life stories with a lot of people here in the city.

What are you eating for lunch at the moment?
I’m trying to be good at the moment so I’m attempting to mainly bring home-based leftovers such as slow cooked lamb shanks but I also enjoy a solid 2-3 CBD coffees throughout the day.

What would be your tips for avoiding injury?
Be proactive with your health. People actively have to make the decision to invest in their health and that will ultimately put them in a better place.