Tristan Dower | Phsyiotherapist

Tristan Dower / Physiotherapist

How long have you been working at Viva?
2 months

Why did you become a physio?
I initially became interested in Physio through my own sporting injuries and seeing how much it helped me. I had a chronic compartment syndrome (or shin splints) which at times stopped me from playing and training for footy. I gradually developed a keen interest in the human body, so being able to combine that with helping people overcome their own injuries through Physio is amazing.

What’s the best thing about my job?
Definitely that I initially see people come in with a pain or injury that restricts their lifestyle, then seeing that person overcome it and achieve what they want to achieve.

What are you eating for lunch at the moment?
The $5 wraps down the road are pretty good but it’s generally last night’s dinner which today is lasagna.

What would be your tips for avoiding injury?
I think preparation that is tailored to you is the key. Expert advice regarding training loads so as not to overload too quickly and being biomechanically efficient is also very important. A biomechanical analysis specific to your sport, such as running, can greatly reduce your risk of injury during training or sport.

What’s the most interesting injury you’ve ever seen?
ACL knee injuries are always interesting because of the long-term rehab. You go on the long journey with the patient and seeing them reach each milestone along the way is always an exciting moment.

What injuries do you love to treat most?
I really enjoy treating ankle, knee and shoulder injuries. I’ve also come to enjoy treating back and neck pain, having seen on a daily basis how debilitating they can be.