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I Am Pregnant

Coronavirus Update

At Viva, we remain committed to helping Victoria flattening the curve by providing a combination of face-to-face and online services. We have a combination of clinic-based and virtual phone and admin support over this period.

Physiotherapy Consultations can be completed […]

Stay fit in Pregnancy

 Adjust your workout to suit your pregnancy

Pregnancy and the initial months following the birth is an exciting time for women. However, there are a number of changes that occur in the body that can lead to women developing lower […]

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    I’ve just found out I’m pregnant – can I keep exercising?

I’ve just found out I’m pregnant – can I keep exercising?

Yes! Pregnancy is an exciting time but many mums-to-be are unsure about how to exercise or what they can do safety during pregnancy. There is a […]

What’s All This Hype About My Pelvic Floor Muscle?

Every pregnant woman has heard at least one person tell them to ‘do their pelvic floor exercises

Yet for many people, the pelvic floor, or anything down around ‘the nether-regions’ is simply something that is not spoken about, or something […]

Simulating Labour: Gender Warfare with Lehmo and GoldFM

I wouldn’t say it’s usual to receive a call from one’s boss on a Tuesday night, requesting assistance to simulate childbirth on morning radio.

Whilst not part of the usual job description of a physio, I was ‘fairly’ easily […]

10 Benefits of Doing Pilates While You’re Pregnant

It is important to carefully consider a tailored exercise program (eg Pilates) while you’re pregnant. Not only does it make you feel good and improve your post-natal recovery, there is an increasing amount of research that shows a considerable […]