Written by Kathryn Anderson

How Therapeutic Yoga can Help your Pain

Find out what Therapeutic Yoga is and how it can help your pain
The age-old practice of Yoga has been used for many years to inspire personal practice in wellbeing. Our Western society has adopted the Asana (posture or pose) part of yoga as the mainstay of our practice. And while Asana can be incredible for relieving pain, it’s the incorporation of all pillars of yoga which can really take you on the journey to feeling your best.

On the western medicine front, advances in pain science means we now have a greater depth of understanding into what fuels chronic pain, and the increasing popularity of mindfulness aligns with this. Go on a journey with Kath, our director and resident yogi to discover how the two worlds intertwine.

This event includes a combination of presentation and practical work.

Duration: 30 minutes

Cost for individuals: $40.00
Cost for groups: Online or in-person delivery to up to 100 people – $1,100 incl. GST