Written by Kathryn Anderson

Will’s Sneaky Environmental Audit

Hey, Will from the Admin team here. For the past few months, I’ve been undertaking a sneaky little project behind the scenes here at Viva…

So, whilst I’m sitting at the desk fulfilling my usual duties of being helpful, organised, and looking fabulous, I’ve also been working away at an Environmental Audit of the clinic: tracking our waste output, the efficiency of our recycling, the kinds of products we’re using, and overall trying to figure out how we as a business can do better for our planet.

This month I presented my findings to the team and now that we’re all on board you’ll start to see some changes around the clinic; look out for new bins, signs, bin liners and potentially a new watercooler system.

Most important though has been the positive attitude of the team to make a genuine effort to do the right thing and make a difference- especially after my info session shed some light on some tricky common recycling mistakes, such as paper towel (not recyclable), paper cups and coffee cups (YES to plastic lid, NO to cup) and the difference between hard and soft plastics.

So keep an eye out for our changes around the clinic, and if you’re passionate about the environment like me, or if you have any ideas/suggestions/thoughts about what else we can do to make a difference, please have a chat to me at reception or shoot me an email at [email protected]