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A New Way of Streamlining your Pilates Experience

We have made some exciting changes to the way our Viva Pilates studio works in the past couple of months and so I thought I’d take the opportunity to tell you all about it.

Excitingly we now have the […]

  • Exercising when pregnant
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    I’ve just found out I’m pregnant – can I keep exercising?

I’ve just found out I’m pregnant – can I keep exercising?

Yes! Pregnancy is an exciting time but many mums-to-be are unsure about how to exercise or what they can do safety during pregnancy. There is a […]

The Five Best Things You Can Do For Your Health

The Five Best Things you can do for your Health, from the perspective of a Physiotherapist.


Running Drills – Tips to make your style more efficient

Here we share are a few hot running drills to help with your technique, make your running style more efficient, and hopefully speed up your times!

What’s All This Hype About My Pelvic Floor Muscle?

Every pregnant woman has heard at least one person tell them to ‘do their pelvic floor exercises

Yet for many people, the pelvic floor, or anything down around ‘the nether-regions’ is simply something that is not spoken about, or something […]

Tips for Rehab After Knee Surgery

As some of you know, I have recently taken a bit of a trip down surgery lane for my left knee. In honour of this event, I thought it might be a good chance to discuss post op management […]

What The Everyday Recreational Runner Needs To Know

With Run Melbourne just around the corner and the Melbourne Marathon later in the year, many of our clients are starting to ramp up their training programs in preparation for these two events, among others.

The health benefits of […]

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    Take a moment to think about your Mum’s (and your own!) Health this Mother’s day!

Take a moment to think about your Mum’s (and your own!) Health this Mother’s day!

The Mother’s Day Classic run/walk event is being coordinated in more than 13 cities around Australia to promote Breast Cancer awareness.

Not only does it get us to share a special day with our loved ones, but it should […]

What We Should All Know About Our Bone Health [Research]

Make an impact on your bone health

When we think of exercising for our health, we tend to focus on the benefits to our muscles and cardiovascular system.

Sure this is important, we should also consider that exercise can have […]

Comedian Toby Halligan Highly Recommends a Stand-Up Desk

Written by Toby Halligan, Viva Pilates Enthusiast. Toby is a stand-up Comedian and writes for The Project and Legally Brown.

For most people with chronic injuries the moment that changed their lives seems oddly insignificant.

Mine began walking around Canberra’s […]